Reviews & Publications

Selections and reviews of Ann’s books and presentations have appeared from Maine to Manitoulin Island and Vancouver:

Poet’s Cove, An Anthology: Monhegan in Poetry, 2000-2002, ed. M. Mir, New Monhegan Press, Maine, USA, 2003/04.

On-air interview with Heli Cotnam, Manitoulin Island, 2005.

“See It Made: Poetry and Pottery,” presentation with Karen Manitowabi and Theresa Laurenti, Manitoulin Island, 2005.

Sudbury Star (2005/08/10), reviews by Bonni Kogos and Margo Little Beach Metro News (2006/08/10/11), reviews by Bill McLean of My Grandmother’s HairThe Risks of RemembranceShadows Light.

Contact (2006/08/10), quarterly publication of the Older Women’s Network.

Poetry, Drumming and Dance with dancers from the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement, 2006.

Canadian Woman Studies/les cahier de la femme. Reviews of Shadows Light and My Grandmother’s Hair (2008/09,10).

On-line reviews of My Grandmother’s Hair and Shadows Light by Jan Bailey (poet), Anne Barr (arts consultant), Regine Kurek (artist), Senator Landon Pearson, Kathy Ross (sculptor), Marion Woodman (Jungian analyst), and others.

Poetryzown (2009/10/11).

Celebrating Poets over 70, McMaster University Centre for Gerontological Studies and the Tower Poetry Society, 2010.

Manitoulin Cross-pollination Two Catalogue, sponsored by the Manitoulin Writer’s Circle and the Manitoulin Heritage Museum, 2010.

Manitoulin Expositor (2006/08/10), reviews by Margo Little of My Grandmother’s Hair, The Risks of Remembrance, and Shadows Light and by Nancy McDermid of The 6’ by 6’ Project, sponsored by the Debajaymajig Theatre Group, Manitoulin Island.

Monhegan Memo #6 (2010), “For the Time Being” from Shadows Light.

Exile Quarterly, September 2010. The section “Generations” from The Risks of Remembrance.

Cyclamens and Swords. April, 2011, 4 poems.

Outreach at Monhegan, Year 1V, # 5, “Maine Puffin Watch”, April 2011.

Canadian League of Poets blog for April, “Companion”, from Risks of Remembrance.

Boston University, BU Literary Society, “Sounds and Light”, from Risks, read by Zachary Bos for “Words for Japan”, April 8, 2011.

The Bird Project with Allison Melville, “… the depth of my looking,”, April 16, 2011.

Exile Quarterly, August 2010, the Generations section from the Risks of Remembrance; Cyclamens and Swords, April, 2011, 4 poems

Verse Afire, A Tri-Annual Publication of The Ontario Poetry Society, review of The  Risks of Remembrance by Rosemary Clewes, Fall, 2011.

Canadian Woman Studies/les cahier de la femme, review of The Risks of Remembrance by Norma Lundberg, Fall, 2011.


Reviews of L.L 2015/2016

Review of Laundry Lines, A Memoir in Stories and Poems, by Trudy Medcalf, Herizons, Winter 2016, Vol 29 #3 Page 43:

“This collection is an interesting mix, unflinching, heartening, wistful. … I gained an observer’s grasp of what being ‘born into a story’ means for Carson, of the sifting and sorting, the meaning-making that is …. ‘the slow reconciliation with the blows and beauties meted out by life that comes with age.’ ”


Review of L….L… John Muldoon in The Bach Metro News, Nov 17/15, page 17:
These little portraits of distinct moments in time offer the the chance for insight and lessons learned by reflecting on both the events and attitudes of the past ..that reach to more recent times.”